Your Investment

All of our sessions are considered Custom Portrait Sessions. We will assist you in planning your portrait session. The sessions may
be at your home, in an outdoor garden area, or any other special location.

Signature Portraits by Doug Box
This very special session will give you a lifetime of joy. Doug will personally assist you from planning the portrait session to selecting
the best pose and size for your portrait. It is through this personal attention and careful planning that we are able to create the photographic
art for which they are famous.

Commissioning Fee
Our portrait sessions are not limited to a particular number of photographs or a set amount of time. We work until we feel that I have
captured the image that we both want. Our commissioning fee includes the planning session, the actual photography session, and the
viewing session until we decide together the right photograph for you.
Due to the limited number of sessions, we require a $500 retainer. One hundred and fifty dollars is the retainer. The balance($350-) is
applied toward your photographs.

The Selection Process
Instead of old fashioned paper proofs, we will project your images either at our studio or at your home. Projection allows you to see
your images at the exact size you are ordering. Because they are projected large, you can better see expressions and cropping guidelines.
You will see your photograph come to life on the wall - just like they will look in your home. The images are ready to view in about
7-10 days.